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Have You Heard Of Soft Cleaning Services

· Soft Cleaning

Soft cleaning is a specialized way of cleaning involving application of low pressure along with solutions such bleach, water and the like to bring cleanliness in the area. The crux of the matter is to get rid of dust, germs, pests, etc i the area in such a way that there is no damage to the surrounding area that happens because of high pressure causing machines.

If you’re planning to clean delicate things such as your beloved piano, the desk you love you the most, need Soft Cleaning Services because of their very nature. It’s one of the most economical, easy and simple cleaning solutions without causing damage to the area or the goods that are being cleaned.

SKT Cleaning offers the top quality Soft Cleaning Services at your doorstep. We specialize in soft cleaning, for which we have specially trained personnel as well as special fine equipment for the purpose. All this helps us the best service.

For your soft cleaning project requirement –be it for your home, office, workplace, hospital, shopping mall, educational intuitions, we’re ready to serve you the best. Check out with our customer care department. They will explain to you briefly the prices and other aspects of our Soft Cleaning Services.

Currently, we offer different services in the category. Each of these services aims to clean a specific area in the place where the cleaning job is being undertaken.

The x-jet nozzle technique - This method saves a lot of time and money because it’s economical and perhaps it’ the best kind of soft cleaning. The principle works thus: a nozzle designated to send soap and/or chemical water/liquids at a particular pressure, which leads to the cleaning effect.

The Clever injector - As the name suggests, it’s a clever technique to mix your soft washing things, and is easy to use. It begins when you just connect the pump to the water supply to increase the flow of water.

The Sniper Nozzle - The sniper nozzle is a log nozzle in the shape of a barrel and can be extended to the longest distance of without affecting the flow. It does not necessitate ladder and can go up to the height of a four stair building.

Clever wash surfactant - In this technique, the main ingredient is a surfactant which causes the cleaning effect. Along with it, a scent masker, wax rinse aid and chemical sodium hypochlorite is used.

Contact us for the qualiy Soft Cleaning Services today.

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