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Move Out Cleaning Services: SKT’s Special Package

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Move Out Cleaning Services Dubai

If you’re planning to change the location of your home, or office, it’s time to pack up and move to the new place. However, it’s equally important to surrender the premises to the ownership before you move to the new place. The task is daunting. Make sure to buy reliable Move Out Cleaning Services to make the job of your vacating the current accommodation and shifting the new one easy. SKT Cleaning services in Dubai offers top-notch services you can trust and bank on.

If you fail it do it on time, the landlord/ownership will be reluctant to pay the security money you had paid. Besides, it’d bring a bad impression on you, your family/company.

  • We, at SKT Cleaning would make sure you leave on time for the new accommodation. To help you out to go to the new accommodation after surrendering the current accommodation is our responsibility. So rest assured and stay with peace of mind.
  • As part of our Move Out Cleaning Services, we perform all the cleaning services so that your landlord will be happy.
  • Our cleaning professionals would clean up the entire home and sanitize it using such processes as vacuum cleaning, deep cleaning, sanitization, etc. This will make the home look clean hygienic.
  • We make sure the kitchen is clean. We clean up the kitchen countertop, the exhaust fan grease, and the walls. We’ll clean the window panes and doors, remove the cobwebs and stains on the walls. We’d clean the sync using appropriate cleaning methods to make it clean and odour free.
  • If your office is a furnished accommodation, we’d clean all the furniture including sofas, mattresses, curtains and carpets and other furnishings using vacuuming, deep cleaning, steam cleaning to make them clean, dry and odourless.
  • In the washroom, we make sure everything is clean and in usable condition. We remove the stains on the wall and disinfect the whole room.
  • In the living room, we sanitize the room and clean up all the stains of foods or beverages spilling on the wall floor or elsewhere.
  • In all the shelves, we clean up all the trash, waste paper, clothes, etc. If need be, we offer to paint the wall accordingly.

If you're planning to change your accommodation, do seek SKT Cleaning services’ assistance - choose our Move Out Cleaning Services. To know more about these services and buy them, visit us at sktcleaning


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