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Hire Part-Time Maids In Dubai

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In a typical urban centre as that of Dubai, life is too fast. One has to work hard commuting on a regular basis and back home, you may be required to do some household services – cleaning the living room, kitchen, washing clothes and the like. However, if you yourself do all these manual activities, you’d have little time to spend with your family. It is, therefore, sensible to hire maid services offered by a reputed company such as SKT Cleaning, a well-noted cleaning services offering firm in Dubai. Our Part Time Maids Services In Dubai will be of great help for working people in Dubai.

For a family of three with two spouses and a young kid of one year, hiring part-time Maids Services will be a great option. This is because as both the spouses commute to work, they have little time to take care of their baby or taking care of the cleanliness aspect of the house. This necessitates the maid service. The maid can help you stay assured of safety for your kid as well as your home.

Further, apart from babysitting the maid can help you household cleaning task done. SKT Cleaning services’ Part Time Maids Services In Dubai come with great skills – including interpersonal skills as well as work skill. This is important because such skills help to move ahead smoothly without getting isolated in a place you’re expected to keep yourself busy.

SKT Cleaning is one of the most reputed firms providing the best Part Time Maids Services In Dubai and around. While hiring our maids we take a lot of care to ensure that we get the best quality maids. Our process involves thus: the placement professionals at our company choose applicants for the upcoming positions.

Our screening process for selecting maids is an elaborate one compared any other agency in the region. In the process of selection, we perform the detailed application process, face to to face interaction to screen the applicants, verification of legal documentation, confirmation based on references, personality assessment test, English language testing, and finally checking the criminal antecedents. We, thus, prepare the candidate for their new position.

Once placed, they would be under probation. During the probation period, the candidates are subject to different training programs that are required for the services. Along with this, the code of conduct is also implemented on the new hires so that they can offer their best in the ensuing months.

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