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About SKT’s School Cleaning Services

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It’s important for the authorities of every school to keep their premises clean and tidy. This will help them protect the health of the students keeping the premises hygienic. At the same time, they may earn the esteem of parents as a quality school. However, the task of keeping clean the school services is not that easy. Even if there are personnel for the purpose, they may not be able to do it on a regular essential, which is quite essential. It’s therefore, buying services of cleaning services provider is a rational idea. You can trust SKT Cleaning services. SKT Cleaning services offer the best School Cleaning Services. SKT Cleaning have been in the business of offering a variety of cleaning services for many years, and have earned a great reputation of the top service provider in Dubai.

  • Today, there is a feeling among all parents, leaders, teaching personnel, social service offering people that to teach school-going children cleanliness, it should be started in the school itself. By this, students would understand its importance and would build a positive opinion not only in the school premises but outside – in the society where they live in.
  • Keeping the school premises is important. It’ll not only keep disease-causing germs at bay but also create a positive impression among parents/guardians. However, the cleaning job done by professionals would bring the best results. SKT Cleaning can offer the best maid services for the purpose. Our maids are categorically trained for the purpose. They’d do the job without bringing any damage or a negative impact on students or anyone else. That’s why recommend buying our School Cleaning Services.
  • Our services are priced at very competitive level. Further, we also offer customer service, if you so desire.  Our cleaning personnel would regularly visit as per your schedule and clean the personnel as per your negations with us.
  • We guarantee you; we’d bring a positive feeling among all – students, parents, teaching personnel and others. This is important and is essential to create a good learning environment at the school.
  • Our School Cleaning Services are led and offered by a dedicated team of professionals.
  • To book the services, you could call us at 8001234567 or send a fax with details at 7187243312. Our operations go on from Monday to Friday at 0900 hours to 1700 hours and on Saturday and Sunday from 1100 hours to 1600 hours.


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